Pre-Columbian Art Museum
The PRE-COLUMBIAN ART MUSEUM was an Inca ceremonial court around 1450 A.D. In 1580 became into the MANSION of the conqueror Alonso Díaz and in 1850 of the Earl of Cabrera . It was restored to be the PRE-COLUMBIAN ART MUSEUM since June 2003.

This extraordinary Cusco historic monument, holds the only museum in Perú dedicated to rebound the arts of ancient peruvian cultures.
The collection of 450 master pieces date from 1250 B.C to.1532 A.D. They were selected among 45,000 objects located at the storages of the Larco Museum in Lima, by curators Fernando of Szyszlo, famous painter, and Cecilia Bákula, prestigious Art Historian.

The exhibition uses texts in spanish, english and french to emphasize the artistic context of the collection displayed in 11 showrooms inside the museum. Its galleries were designed to meet the highest standards of modern museography enabling the visitors to admire Pre-Columbian art in its best expresion.


Mr. Pedro Brescia Caferatta
Mrs. Isabel Larco de Alvarez Calderón.

Mr. Andrés Álvarez Calderón

Institutional Relations
Ms. Mariana Watson

Ms. Cecilia Bákula
Mr. Fernando de Szyszlo

Mr. Hugo Fiestas
Mrs. Gisela Montes
Mr. Lorenzo Salinas

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 09:00 - 22:00 hrs.
(Daily including holidays)
General admission: S/. 20.00
Students: S/. 10.00