The works of art displayed at the MAP, encompass a period of time dating from 1250 B.C. until 1532 A.D. All these were selected from among the collection of almost 45,000 pieces stored in the Larco Archaeological Museum in Lima. This excellent selection of samples combined with explanatory and descriptive texts in Spanish, English and french, allows visitors to adequately situate themselves within the artistic context of Ancient Peru.

HUARI GALLERY, Fusion Era 800 - 1300 a. D.

The presence of Huari will be scattered throughout all Pre-Columbian Peru; from a fusion development in the zone of the plateau, the Huari dominion will extend throughput all the territory, imposing its cultural patterns and laying the foundations of domination of a religious and political new form.

From the Huari invasion the purity of the original artistic creations disappears and the Andean ingredient will begin to be a constant in all forms and designs. It is thus we appreciate a new geometric composition, a very outstanding mixture of sculptoric lines with elaborated pictorial works from a main matrix, abundance of geometric drawings and different and novel polychrome patterns.