The works of art displayed at the MAP, encompass a period of time dating from 1250 B.C. until 1532 A.D. All these were selected from among the collection of almost 45,000 pieces stored in the Larco Archaeological Museum in Lima. This excellent selection of samples combined with explanatory and descriptive texts in Spanish, English and french, allows visitors to adequately situate themselves within the artistic context of Ancient Peru.

NASCA GALLERY, Apogee Era. South coast I - 800 a.D.

Nasca represents the rise and reinforcement of painting, specially in polichromy, abundance of design on top of any type of decoration. An explosion of color accurately and in detail is be the proposal of the South coast artist, shaping hid mythological forms to a resetting of hid natural surroundings and thus give loose rein to symbolic creativity that has typified their potters work.